Trusted Stability

Unionized employees enjoy greater stability and predictability when it comes to their working conditions. A collective agreement gives employees a voice and allows them to negotiate their hours of work, the location of their work and terms around work transfers. You cannot be unjustly fired or disciplined. It is up to the employer to prove they have just cause to take such action. You will have the resources of the Union’s legal department, and grievance process fighting to get your job or missed pay back to you as soon as possible.

Increase Skill Development

Union members feel confident when their roles shift or expand because they are provided with the right training in order to meet the changing demands of their position. Union representatives meet with and listen to the people who are doing the work in order to understand the education and training that they feel they need to correctly and thoroughly perform their job. The Union representative, along with the negotiating committee will propose the conditions around employer required training during bargaining.

Expect Fair Wages

Unionized employees receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. IUOE Local 955 has experienced advocates throughout Alberta who are trained extensively in effectively negotiating contracts for a host of different sectors, including yours. According to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), on average, workers who are unionized in Canada earned $5.28 an hour more than non-union workers, with women earning more than $7 an hour than non-unionized workers.

Dependable Representation

IUOE Local 955 has over 70 years of experience representing Alberta’s workers in a multitude of sectors, including yours. Our Representatives are trained in all facets of labour legislation, human rights and accommodation law.