Employee Health Benefits

The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 955 is proud to provide health and wellness benefit coverage for over 10,000 active members on an ongoing basis.

Because the health coverage we offer is purchased in such high volume, we are afforded a significantly lower cost per package; a savings that we are able to pass on to our contractors.`    

However, the unfortunate nature of irregular, contract-based work for non-unionized workers is that they are often faced with uncertainty. The uncertainty extends beyond knowing when their next job will begin, but when they will again be able to provide health benefit coverage for their families.

By providing our Local 955 members health and wellness benefits from a centralized source, our contractors are able to ensure their employees enjoy continuous benefits coverage, allowing them to rest at ease and report higher job satisfaction.

At the end of the day, IUOE Local 955 signatory contractors are able spend more time focusing on growing their business and winning contracts and less time managing health benefit processing.